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Milo’s Music Parlor

Tank and The Bangas

Tank and The Bangas at Milo’s Music Parlor

“In a city that is attracting more than its share of Millennials, uber-talented young musicians continue to make their mark on New Orleans. And you can witness it happening at Milo Music Parlor.” Tim Sweeney, Sweeney’s Gumbo YaYa

Outside of the universe of Frenchmen Street, Bourbon Street, local dive bars, and crowded music festivals exists a growing demographic of New Orleanian music lovers who seek an intimate live music listening experience.

Milo’s Music Parlor is their answer, a modern-day speakeasy hosted at the bohemian parlor of Tasseology, a re-purposed century-old building along the burgeoning Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard, one of New Orleans’ historical main streets that is currently undergoing a renaissance.

The Parlor features musicians who are shaping the landscape of the vast and eclectic contemporary New Orleans music scene.  The artist list includes everyone from the living legends, to the young upstarts, to those burgeoning national and international acts making a pass through the city–all of whom are playing live music in New Orleans for the rich musical history that continues to inspire and influence musicians everywhere.

Helen Gillet solo

Helen Gillet solo

Here, the audience gets up close and personal with the artists, in an acoustic setting with a casual interview session that has a feel of being back stage with the band. The show is hosted and co-produced by Kim Vu-Dinh of Milo Records New Orleans with co-producers Mark Tobler of WTUL’s Folk Show, and the podcast network

Through a partnership with the podcast station It’s New Orleans, a podcast version of each show will be aired on each week. Get all the Podcasts Here.

Milo’s Music Parlor is a free event. Doors open at 730pm, music starts at 8pm with two sets and a Q&A interview in-between.

Tasseology courtyard

Tasseology courtyard

Tasseology is located at 1228 O.C. Haley Blvd, New Orleans, LA and offers beer, wine, coffee, tea as well as the best homemade ice cream sandwiches!

Milo’s Music Parlor is sponsored in part by WTUL 91.5 fm.



Upcoming Shows ⇔ Tuesday’s starting at 8pm (new time!)

October 27th :: Todd Grebe & Cold Country (Anchorage, Alaska)     artist info    music video    Podcast

Todd Grebe & Cold Country are based out of the wilds of Alaska, where for years they ruled the bluegrass scene in this state. Todd’s wife and musical partner, Angela Oudean, was a key member of famed Alaska bluegrass bandBearfoot for years (Todd joined Bearfoot as well), and though it may be a surprise to some that the music they make now is hard-driving, electrified honky-tonk at its core, the truth is that there’s a strong current that unites bluegrass and country. Like songs written about real people with real problems, or songs celebrating the simple victories of life with a sardonic sense of humor. You’ll hear this on Citizen, and you’ll hear that Grebe has a powerfully directed voice as a songwriter. read more

Past Shows

June 30th :: Carsie Blanton     artist info    music video    Podcast

“Here’s what you ought to know about me. First off, I love songs. I love pop songs, folk songs, jazz, soul, and rock songs. I write whatever kind of song gets my point across most clearly. My point, usually, is about the miraculous, ridiculous, confusing joy of being alive. I love American pop music from every decade (Louis Armstrong to Beyonce), any folk music with guts (Nick Lowe, Patty Griffin), and just about anything that swings, grooves, or rocks (Billie Holiday, The Band, Donny Hathaway, Elvis Costello). What it all has in common is that it’s about telling a story, in a way that anybody can understand, in three minutes.”

 June 16th :: Alex McMurray     artist info    music video    Podcast

If Alex McMurray’s songwriting seems a bit dour at times—okay, most of the time—well then that’s totally intentional. “Like Blanche DuBois in Streetcar,” he says, “I find sorrow to be quite a beautiful emotion. Loneliness can be nice.” And he’d know. A New Orleans fixture since the ‘80s, the guitar slinger is now widely recognized as the embodiment of the downtown New Orleans lifestyle: sketchy bars, cracked sidewalks, fallen-down houses, tattered hearts, broken spirits, discarded chicken bones. He’s often compared to Tom Waits; they both have whiskey-throated voices and share a curious ability to find inspiration in the degenerate, not to mention an obsession with the Ninth Ward. Except McMurray actually lives there.

June 2nd :: Alexandra Scott     artist info    music video    Podcast

Alexandra Scott’s music has equal footing around a campfire or in a musical den on St. Claude Avenue in New Orleans. At her core, she’s a singer & urban songwriter with a country sense of the world that shows up in her songs. A native of the countryside of Virginia who lived all over but never felt at home anywhere until she found her way to New Orleans in 2000, her folk-inflected songs resound with the movements of graceful galloping horses, with beats and electronic voices, and with her eye for beauty, self-revelation and humor. She calls her music ‘dreamabilly,’ mixing her mountain bluegrass origins with her love of all things post-Emo.

May 19th :: Thomas and Theresa     artist info    music video    Podcast

May 12th :: David Doucet & Al Tharp     artist info    music video    Podcast

May 5th :: Aurora Nealand and Monocle     artist info    Podcast

April 28th :: Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes     artist info    music video    Podcast

April 14th :: Kelcy Mae Trio     artist info      Podcast

April 7th :: Helen Gillet     artist info    music video    Podcast


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